My 10 Commandments For My Teenage Daughter.

My 10 Commandments For My Teenage Daughter.

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10 Commandments For My Teenage Daughter.

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Though shall not…

Note: Prior to reading this article of mine, I kindly ask you to please respect this blog and refrain from posting anything negative. This is my personal blog, a little corner on the world wide web where I openly share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. Please don’t judge! ~Thank you! ❤️

Last week my eldest daughter, Katrina said good by to her childhood years and welcomed her teenage years. First time for me being a mother of a teenager. After speaking to several moms out there, reading some of your tips on how to raise a teen and after doing an extensive research on google I have come up with 10 commandments for my teenager.

I have also read an article on a recent study done at the University of Essex, that parental pressure on daughters means they will have more chance of attending a University and less of doing poorly in school. Additionally, it states setting high standards means adolescent girls are less likely to become pregnant and suffer the setbacks in life that go with being a teenage mother.

Here are my 10 Commandments for my teenage daughter.
1. Thou shall not get a tattoo, like ever! Yes, I’m old fashioned when it comes to my kids.

2. Thou shall promptly answer my calls if unable then responding to my text is a must. Should I not receive a text I’m calling 911 to file a missing child report fillowed by Amber alert. I’m serious!

3. Thou shall not drink and drive… like never ever! Or though shall not have a car.

4. Thou shall never, ever lie to me or I’ll disown you!

5. Thou shall continue education no matter how difficult it gets or distracted you get.

6. Thou shall have a mind of her own and listen to her intuition and remember what I or dad have taught you in order to make the right decision and I’m sure you will. Though shall not listen to her friends because God gave you brains, so use it!

7. Thou should always stay on top of her health and not do drugs, smoke or anything insane to that nature.

8. Though should always eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I gave you a healthy life and it’s your job to maintain and keep yourself healthy.

9. Thou shall always, forever and ever respect mom, dad, brother, sister and grandparents!

10. Thou shall always love and believe in God!

Note to daughter: I know I sound “mean” but I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m your mom and it’s my job to be strict and make sure you are safe and healthy! You know me, I spoil you to the max since day one but I have always been old fashioned with strict rules. I just love you so much and don’t want you to get hurt. Please, always remember to make a smart decision. It’s ok to make mistakes in life but make sure you learn from them to avoid the same mistake from happening again. Always remember that I love you very much! More than the stars in the sky, higher than the sky and more than the water in the ocean. Bottom line, I love you lots and lots!

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