Katrina’s 13th Birthday Party.

Katrina’s 13th Birthday Party.

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Katrina’s 13th Birthday Party.

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Hope everyone had a great weekend? As for me let’s just say it was fun and handful at the same time. On Friday it was my birthday, on Saturday we celebrated Katrina’s Birthday and on Sunday it was John’s Birthday Party. So, yeah I was busy… LOL

Katrina turned 13 years old last week and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday. She asked for a simple bowling party with a few of her classmates. What’s interesting is that the older Katrina gets the more simple parties she prefers. She has officially shied away from glitz and glam.

I wanted to do something special for Katrina this year as she enter the teenage years. I was thinking about having a red carpet birthday party with extra glitz and glam decore. Instead all she wanted was non-alcohol champagne, chocolate ice cream cup cakes, pizza and bowling with her siblings and friends … and so, it was. Friends gathered, had pizza and burgers and bowled the day away.

We booked Red Rock Lanes Bowling in the Red Rock Casino. The bowling alley offered something out of the ordinary which included cosmic party (glow in the dark bowling), loud and youth-oriented music, and arcades. John and one of Katrina’s friend’s brother loved playing arcades with John. We booked three bowling lanes with three tables for kids and three for adults.  The girls did not go near the arcade games but they did have fun bowling, laughing and just doing their thing.


The food came from the bar however, the bowling alley allowed us to bring food, fruits and veggie platters. The balloons, the forks and the birthday pates were also from the outside. I got them from a local party supply store. Chocolate cupcakes and non-alcoholic champagne was from Albertson’s. Her friends loved the non-alcoholic champagne … they thought it was cool.

Katrina was very grateful to my husband and I, at the end of the party she repeatedly thanked us for throwing her a birthday party. She had a great time having fun with her girlfriends and siblings in a “chill environment”.

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