Romper Trend Takes Over the Street Style This Summer 2017!

Romper Trend Takes Over the Street Style This Summer 2017!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn then you must know by now, I love wearing rompers and jumpsuits. It’s been such a fun trend to rock all summer long because it’s comfortable, classy, dressy yet casual at the same time. Rompers are super versatile! You can play it down with sandals and flats or dress it up with wedges and heels.

Wearing a white romper from Kendall and Kylie clothing line. The lightweight and stylish romper is perfect for a casual day out in the sun. This Kendall + Kylie must-have romper is made of a woven fabric and completes the look with embroidered detail over the waistline, shorts area and the straps in the back. The embroidered detailed straps in the back are also adjustable.

Last Sunday, I opted for a casual and comfy look and I decided to wear the white Kendall +Kylie romper. It was the perfect outfit for a relaxed Sunday. I spend the the day with my husband and the three children. We had a little pool party and Armenian BBQ for lunch. The look is definitely daring and flirty without revealing anything. It is also comfortable and light for the summer.

A few weeks ago, a similar white romper was seen on Selena Gomez. She was wearing a white romper embroidered with lace. Selena dressed up this look with gold heels and sunglasses –super sleek and summery!

What are your thoughts on rompers? How do you like them? Would you wear one?

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