How To Style Low Knot Bun Haisrtyle In 2 Easy Steps?

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How To Style Low Knot Bun
Hairstyles In 2 Easy Steps?

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We’ve all tried low knot or low bun hairstyle before. Some of us Style our hair when we’re on the go and some of us like this hairstyle because it’s simple and elegant. Additionally, it makes our fourth day hair look damn good!

Low bun or low knot is super easy to style. From an undone, messy bun to an elaborate, red carpet-worthy look, here’s how I styled my today’s low bun. This hairstyle is also an absolute favorite among celebrities, bloggers and everyday girls on the streets.

Here’s how you can style low knot or low bun hairstyle in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Make sure your hair is dry and it’s brushed down. To create a bit of height, back-comb the hair on top then brush it down.
Step 2: The key to your knot bun is keeping a sleek base. Twist your hair in a one motion and hide the ends underneath the knot then bobby pin them to secure the knot.

How do you style your casual low bun? Comment below, I would so love to read it.

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