How To Apply A Runway Make-Up Underneath The Eyelash?

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How To Apply A Runway Make-Up Underneath The Eyelash?

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If you are a makeup junkie as myself then you’ve gotta love eyeshadows. The Spring /Summer 2017 ‘Runway Make-Up’ is all about bright eyeshadows underneath the lower lash line. This infamous Instagram make up trend is all about making a scene and showing off your individual style.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that the eye makeup trend consists of neutral eye shadows on the top lid, a liquid eyeliner, faux lashes, and very bright eyeshadow underneath the lower lash line. While the natural makeup face or the no-makeup look is still appearing here and there, it’s the bolder aspects and the swipes of color, that really stand out and make the beauty trend section for this coming SS 2017 season making all about a lady’s individual take on beauty. After all, it’s the eyes, the brows and the lips that reflect our personal style. Get ready for a season of the brightest, most glittery and often sexiest looks we’ve seen on the runway and red carpet.

Here’s “How To Apply A Runway Make-Up Underneath The Eyelash?”
I’ve applied my eye make up a bit differently today. Trying to incorporate the ‘Runway Make-Up’ into my everyday-casual look. What I did was, I’ve applied a lighter pink-bronze eyeshadow below the lower eyelash as a subtle pop of color and a shade darker on the corner of the upper eyelids. I love this looks on a natural or bare make up.

Before applying the eyeshadow, I recommend using a primer. It’s safe to say the eyeshadow looks better with proper primer applied first because it fills in the fine lines and pores resulting in a flawless finish BEFORE putting on the foundation. Eyeshadows adhere better with a primer, as simple as that. After applying the foundation, it creates a smooth complexion and glides over easily.

You can try applying the bright eyeshadow with a Q-tip by dipping it into your shadow and applying a thin line under the lashes. I personally prefer using a soft angled eyeliner brush to apply the shadow as close to the lashes as possible, and then smudging it a bit.
It’s a lot of fun incorporating different make up looks into my daily makeup routine.

Hope you try it too if you haven’t yet and if you do, let me know by commenting below.

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