My Grandmother’s Birthday Party!

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My Grandmother’s Birthday Party!|

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My grandmother is one special lady! She has always loved me unconditionally, she makes the best traditional Armenian food.  She taught me about fashion and style and that a woman should always pamper herself. She has always told me “We can’t turn back the clock, but we can slow it down by taking care of our face.” You would never guess her age the way she looks. My Greek-Armenian grandmother, is a woman of faith and prayer and I’m forever grateful to her for passing down the Armenian Apostolic faith to me.

My grandma is such a cherished member of our family, so it was only fitting for our family to get together and surprise her with an intimate birthday party with family and friends to celebrate the years of her life.

The celebration took place at small and cozy Russian restaurant, called Baren in Los Angeles, CA., with delicious Russian-Armenian food and a great Russian-Armenian music performance by extremely talented singer Joka, who is Boka’s grandson. For those who don’t know who Boka is, well, his name is “Boris Davityan” and “Boka” is his stage name. He is Armenian-Russian estrada / chanson singer known for his unique voice. Honestly this was not a big flamboyant party, compare to the ones my parents have hosted in the past. However, this time, it was more intimate with just a few initiate family and friends.

So anyway, my parents wanted to make my grandmother feel special for a few hours the same way that she constantly makes all of us feel so special. We celebrated her birthday the “Russian/Armenian way” and boy did we have fun! The nigh wasn’t over until my parents had another surprise but this time it was for my husband with a birthday cake and a special song dedicated to Mr Magz performed by Joka. It was a pre-birthday celebration with tons of fun. I’ll be sharing few photos below….


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