Tips And Tricks On How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree.

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Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree.

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It’s that time of the year again you guys! Christmas and New Year’s Eve is almost here and it’s time to start decorating our Christmas Tree(s) ?￰゚ホト!
Decorating a Christmas tree at home is a fun and an exciting family activity that encourages us to spend time with the family and the loved ones.

My husband and I have always been big fans of the Noble Christmas trees. Each year, we make it a fun family outing when we go out shopping for a Christmas tree. Usually, when we do find the perfect tree for our home, afterwards we go out to dinner to spend some quality time with each other. This is more of a reason for me not cook and eat out …LOL.

This year, just like last year, we got our tree from the Deerbrooke Farm, a family-owned Christmas Tree farm that’s close to my house. The Christmas tree that we picked is about 25 years old and 15 feet tall. Kids really liked the tree that they picked and were beyond excited to decorate it. The ornament I used are from Pier 1 Imports and Marshall’s. This time, we decided not to flock our tree instead we left it green, natural and traditional, just the way it came from the tree farm. The other reason of not flocking our tree was to retain the newly-cut Christmas tree fragrance. We were told once it’s flocked it loses most of it’s smell.

(Christmas tree with colorful LED lights on)

(Christmas tree with plain white LED lights on)

My children, Katrina, Isabella and John, helped me decorate our Christmas tree. The theme was natural organic-looking . We then called John and Arman to join us for the tree lighting. As we gathered around the tree, I sipped in the hot cocoa with marsh mellows and John hit the on button on the remote control and lit the tree. It was magical! Not only our the tree lit up but our holiday spirits lit up as well! The tree looked exquisite and classic and the decoration was elegance and beautiful!

Here are few of my tips and tricks on how to decorate a Christmas Tree?

  1. Decide on a color scheme that you would like to use for your Christmas tree decorations.  The color you select make sure it compliments the color scheme of the room your tree is in. I used green, which is the tree, white for ornaments and a few wooden-like ornaments for contrast.
  2. Decide on a theme weather you want your Christmas decorations to have angels, snowflakes, nutcrackers, butterflies or any other theme. My Christmas tree’s theme is a “Magical Winter Wonderland” including snowballs and forest animals with an exception of a penguin.
  3. Make sure to rotate the Christmas tree. In other words, allow the tree’s best side in the most visible location and the less attractive side turn it against the wall.
  4. The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the tree lights. Make sure the strand color of the lights matches your tree, so this way the wire’s color is blended in with the tree’s color. So, if you have a white tree go for lights with white wires and if you have a green tree go with the green wires. Wrap the lights evenly around the base of the trunk and work your way up around every major branch. String them in toward the trunk then out towards the tips of each of the branches, not just around the outside. As for the type of the bulbs, I personally prefer the LED lights with a remote control. It doesn’t produce heat, it’s flameproof, it’s fireproof, and it is completely safe to have hanging on the tree.
  5. For a lush designer Christmas tree look, I’d say add stems, large branches of different shapes or floral picks to your tree that coordinates with the tree’s color scheme. I decorate my tree with a few flocked Christmas tree stems and pinecones. My tree is 15 foot tall and I used about 8 stems. The larger ones were placed in the bottom of the tree and the smaller ones on top.  This is especially helpful when the children help with decorating the Christmas tree and leave some holes or empty spots behind. By placing a large floral pick you can cover the holes or empty spots.
  6. The secret to decorating a pretty Christmas tree is simple: Style in layers and make sure the ornaments match the color sceme selected for the Christmas tree.
  7. I made sure that the ornaments are perfectly balanced and that the Christmas tree looks sophisticated and elegant. Remember, that elegant Christmas trees create a rich and a welcoming feeling without overpowering the rest of your home.
  8. Hang your regular ornaments on the tree towards the middle, then put your unique ornaments towards the outside.  Larger ornaments should go towards the bottom and the smaller ones towards the top.
  9. For a dynamic look, style the traditional Christmas tree with 5 to 7 different oversized ornaments. These focal point ornaments will be the first thing people will notice when looking at your Christmas tree. This is one of the tricks to remember, especially if your tree is taller than 7′. About 7 large Christmas ornaments per foot height of tree typically works well. To avoid busy and a messy Christmas tree just place a few large ornaments only and space them evenly around the tree.
  10. Hang smaller ornaments on the tree to showcase your favorites by placing them in the prime position on the tree.
  11. I usually like to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest.
  12. Finish dressing the Christmas tree by adding specialty items, such as clip-on ornaments or icicles.
  13. Lastly, the tree topper, which pretty much can be anything from a traditional star, a fancy designer bow, an angel, a Santa or anything else thatmatches your theme.
  14. Another designer trick that I’ve learned a few years back is to color coordinate your Christmas gift wrap to your Christmas tree’s color scheme. And if you are on a budget, a simple brown kraft paper used as wrapping paper with a fancy bow or twine is always a designer’s favorite.
  15. Oh, I almost forgot, watered your Christmas tree daily with hot boiling water so, it doesn’t dry out or turn brown. Yes, boiling water, I learned that last year from Steve, the owner of Deerbrooke Farm.

Here are a few more photos of the details from my Christmas tree ?.

I’m also sharing a few shots of my Christmas Mantel Decor should you need inspiration.

Remember, Christmas time is an opportunity to forgive and to be happy and enjoy the moment. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year you guys!

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