How To Wear A Lace-Up Or Criss-Cross Tops?

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How To Wear A Lace-Up Or Criss-Cross Tops?

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Lace-up tops ( also know criss-cross tops) are the hottest trend for Fall/Winter 2016 with their low-cut necklines and lace-up details. The 70s flare look combined with modern twit adds versatility. Lace up trend is seen on tank tops, shorts sleeves, long-sleeves, sweaters and dresses. Basically the lace-up tops can fit any personal style with ease. The fashion designers like Givenchy and Chloé also featured this trend in their latest collections. We have seen the lace-up tops trend on their runways since last year. I’ve also seen fashion stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara selling a variety of styles of lace-up tops that are not only trendy but budget friendly as well.

Here’s how you can style your lace-up top to fit your personal style.

  1. The most popular way to wear lace-up or cross-cross top is with a pair of high waisted jeans. Tuck in the top and add either a belt or just leave it as is. This style is definitely so ’70’s!
  2. If you don’t feel comfortable showing off much of your cleavage simply wear a tank top underneath the lace up shirt.
  3. I love accessorizing the lace-up top with a floppy hat. I think this is a match made in heaven! Especially if you wear flared jeans.
  4. Opting for a tres chic look? Wear black skinnies with a pair of thin high heels and a black lace up top.
  5. I don’t usually like adding any necklaces to the lace-up top just because it looks a bit busy but I guess a thin chocker would be a perfect addition if you’re going for the ’90’s look.
  6.  Keep it casual by wearing long sleeve-lace-up shirt with destroyed boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers.
  7.  For an ultra-casual look opt for lace-up sweater with say a white pair of tight jeans. That’s a definitely a “Sunday Chill-Day” look.
  8.  Is boho chic more of your signature look? Then, do wear a skirt with knee-high flat boots, lace-up sweater and a wide brim hat.
  9. Going out in the evening? Pair your lace-up bodysuit with skinny jeans high pointy heels, throw a denim jacket over your shoulders and a fab handbag.
  10. And if you are going for a sexy look I suggest you wear skinny leather pants (preferably black) and a black lace up top with oversized sunglasses.

Here’s how I styled my white lace-up long sleeve top. I’m more of a casual-chic gal, so I wore my lace-up top with 70’s inspired flared jeans ? . No belt, just because I was going for a simple look however, I did pair the ensemble with metallic wedges to add a bit of drama. 

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If you have any styling tips for lace-up top do share with us by commenting below.

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