How To Decorate Your Entryway For Halloween?

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How To Decorate Your Entryway For Halloween?

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It’s officially a fall season when there is a crisp air and brilliantly colored falling leaves in red, orange and brown. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and for my children because we love Halloween!

One of my favorite spots to decorate inside the house for the holidays is the entryway. Not only it’s the first place we greet our guests but also it’s the first impressions you make on your guests when they first enter your house. I love extending a haunted hello to our guests this time of the year and the decor really accentuates the house this spooky season. I’d have to say my style is more minimal elegant -eerie making the witch brides the focal item in the foyer.

Here are a few ideas on “How To Decorate Your Entryway For Halloween?”.

The best place to start in your home is the foyer or entryway.

  1. Pumpkin Galore -Next time you’re at the local supermarket pick of few pumpkins. Choose a color theme though. It can be the rich orange, dark green, or whites and beige. Place them in a large basket or in a clear vase and display them on the foyer table.
  2. Black Bats -Hand-make some black bats and hang them by the entryway’s mirror or the wall. Let the kids be part of the project and have them help you hanging them. You can also find some printable bats online and cut out them out.
  3. Candy Corns – Add a sweet aroma on the entryway’s table with candy corn-in a glass jar. Place pillar candles inside the jar then fill it up with candy corn.
  4. Flowers & Dry Branches – It’s almost magical when dry beaches are paired with fresh fall flowers. Choose the right floral colors to match the rest of your decor. Silk black roses, orange automatic marigolds, white —-. Finish the looks by adding small pumpkins.
  5. Vintage Candle Holders – You can find vintage candle holders pretty much anywhere whether it’s a vintage boutique or an arts and crafts store. Paint the candlesticks black for an eerie dark Gothic look inspired by Dracula’s parlor.

What’s your Halloween style?

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