What To Wear With White Pants?

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I’ve always been a fan of white pair of pants or capris but I’ve been hesitant to wear them just because it would easily get dirty especially when I’m home around my 3 children and 6 pets. (Yes, I know it’s crazy! SIX pets and I love those little guys so much!)

My apologies, I get so distracted each time I think of my pets but anyway, back to what I was writing about. Now that my children are no longer toddlers, I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing white pants or capris more and more for the past few years.

Here are my 5 style tips and color formulas on “What to wear with white pants?”

  1. Color Formula: Red+White+Blue = Patriotic Chic. Style your white pants with a red shirt and blue belt. It’s a perfect America pride outfit or even nautical.
  2. Color Formula: Dark Grey+White+Light Grey = Shades of Grey Glam. Opt for casual Street Style with grey slim-fit tank top and grey heels.
  3. Color Formula: White+White = Whiteout White. Why not? Wear a white long-sleeve sheer summer blouse tucked in with your white pants and finalize the look with bold red lips.
  4. Color Formula: Pink+ White+Beige= Pretty in Pink. Try wearing a pink top with your white pants and Nude pumps. Top depends were you’re going. Top with a collar is ideal for work and a tank top for out and about.
  5. Color Formula: Black+White+Black= En Vogue. Add a silk blouse to your slim-tight white pants and wear black pointy pumps for a doze of glam.

I found my perfect capris at Bebe. It’s stretchable, comfortable and has statement-making gold buttons on the sides. What I love about the white skinnies is that they look good with almost everything wether you pair it with loud color, print tops or even contrast it with dark hues it provides the perfect appeal for a polished steer style ootd!  I paired my white pants with a silk top and ’70’s inspired crystal studded wedgies. The white cat-eye sunglasses ad a touch of ’60’s retro vibe.


{Fashion Details}

Pants // Bebe
Top //
Sunglasses // non brand
Shoes //

I’ve collected all of the white jean outfits on the blog to create a resource for you to come back to whenever you need white pants outfit inspirations. If you ever wonder “What to wear with white pants, capris, jeans or skinnies?” think of me,….ok maybe not! LOL

Below I’ve included few white pants / capris should you decide to go on a little shopping spree.


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