How To Incorporate The Statement Making Zipper Trend Into Your Wardrobe?

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How To Incorporate The Statement Making Zipper Trend Into Your Everyday Wardrobe? ?

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Avoid stocking up on basic silhouettes. Opt for outfits with unique designs such as pockets, zippers, cutouts, embellishments, buttons and etc…

For instance, spice up your #ootd with a modern element zippers, aka YKK trend, in order to add an edgy look to your silhouette. Be creative and inject an unexpected element into your look. Give your style some exposure with zippers.

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A little FYI on the history of zippers. It was originated in the late 1890s, beginning with the first patents issued for “clasp lockers,” according to “Zipper: An Exploration in Novelty.” book written by Robert Friedel. In the beginning, zippers were mainly used in tobacco pouches and in galoshes. Did you know that the term “zipper” comes from a marketing campaign by B.F. Goodrich for its rubber galoshes in the 1920s?! The word zip evoked speed and fasteners on Zipper Boots. It was a way to quickly get shoes open and close.  Isn’t that cool to know?! I think it is.

“They became a part of everyday American men’s and women’s clothing in the late 1930s.” ~ Robert Friedel
Statement zippers were seen earlier this year, 2016, on the streets of London, Paris, Florence, Milan, New York and Los Angels. Designer labels including Calvin Klein, Dior, Altuzarra, Giambattista Valli, Elie Tahari and Michael Kors incorporated their runway looks with a bold and exposed zippers on dresses, tops, pants, and blazers. It’s one of the best statement accessories this year.

Here’s how you can incorporate your statement-making zipper trend into your wardrobe.

  1. Black leggings with zippers at the ankles cuff.
  2. Hooded jackets with a center front zipper.
  3. Sports bras with a contrast color zipper in the front.
  4. Suits accessorized with zippers.
  5. Zipper skirts are cool!
  6. Zip front dresses.
  7. Boots with side zippers.
  8. Cute handbags with colorful zippers.
  9. Silk slack with bottom side zippers are European-esque trend.
  10. Zippers on the pockets of shorts.
~ My Look~

Wearing white short shorts on a hot summer day with a sleeveless zipper top. What I like about the nude top is that it has zippers at the unlikely places for an untraditional vibe. Personally, I think the more unusual your zipper placement, the more interesting your outfit looks. So I finalized my look with a pair of beige sandals and my favorite Chanel handbag “Mademoiselle” Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

I’ve provided a few of my favorite pieces with zippers below should you want to shop or get inspired for your next outfit. ?

~ Tops with Zippers~

~Pants with Zippers~

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