How To: Tutorial For Everyday Light Summer Make Up With Soft Pinks.

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How To: Tutorial For Everyday Light Summer Make Up With Soft Pinks.

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As most of you know, my absolute favorite beauty look is the one where I have a natural glowing, flawless complexion. I am not a big fan when it comes heavy foundations and make up unless I’m on the red carpet or making a TV appearance. The minimalist in me resorts to natural looking everyday make up 9 out of 10 times. Today, I’m sharing my daily make up routine.

Here’s a 10 step tutorial to one of my natural make up looks with soft pink shades.

  1. I applied a moisturizer on my face and let it dry as I brush my hair.
  2. I switched the heavy foundation  during hot summer days with BB creams. Today I used Aveeno BB cream with sunscreen. It’s light coverage, doesn’t make my face look cakey, and provides the natural glow on my face.
  3. Concealer is a must for me. I can’t live without it! No, seriously I can’t or else I’ll end up looking like an alien ? with the dark circles under my eyes … LOL. My favorite concealer for the past few years has been the “Secret Concealer” from Laura Mercier. I apply it on dark spots on my face such as the corners of the eyes and nose area, cover cover the dark circles under my eyes and occasionally cover the blemishes when I get them.
  4. Eyebrows are important to me too because it frames the face. Usually, I use brown pencil to draw a defined line underneath the brow then, I use a brown eyeshadow to fill in the brow. Remember, soft defined eyebrows always look great.
  5. On eyelids, I used a soft pink eyeshadow to complement my pink lipstick. I usually like to keep my make up simple with earth tone eyeshadows but today I felt Iike adding a bit of color with soft pinks.
  6.  As for eyeliner, I used a black liquid liner on the upper eyelid and a dark brown eyeshadow underneath the eye. I use ‘Too Faced’ eye brow pencil.
  7. If you follow me on my social media, then you probably know by now that I use more than two mascaras on my eyelashes. I like to call it “Mascara Cocktailing” to achieve long dreamy and full eyelashes. (I don’t use faux-eyelashes.)  Each mascara has one purpose, no matter what the advertising says. Certain mascara gives you a lot of length while others offer thickness and volume. I use Lancome ‘Oscillation’ Vibrating Infinite mascara for length and Dior ‘Diorshow” for thickness.
  8. For blush, I used a bronze shimmer on my cheekbones for a natural sunkissed glow.
  9. Highlighters are my favorite! I’ve been using MAC Mineralized Skinfinish ‘Soft and Gentle’. It adds shimmer and glow in the areas where the sun naturally spotlights on the face. I’ve applied powder highlighter down the bridge of my nose, on my cheekbones, over the inner corners of the eyes, onto the brow bone, on top of my cupid’s bow (the indent at the center of my top lip), and lastly, at the centers of my forehead and chin.
  10. Last step, I used pink lip crayon ‘Berry’ from Forever 21 to finalize my soft pink make up.

For outfit details click here.

Below find links to the make up products I used in my tutorial. Happy Shopping!


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What’s your favorite everyday make up? Please share in the comments below ?￰゚マᄏ

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