How To Style A Half Top Knot Hairstyle With A Bouffant In 5 Easy Steps?

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How To Style A Half Top Knot Hairstyle With A Bouffant In 5 Easy Steps?

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It looks like just about everyone including celebrities on the red carpet or bloggers photographed on the streets continue to style their hair in a top- knot hairstyle this summer, whether it’s a half-top knot or all hair up knot.

It was originally seen on the runway from New York to Paris a few years back however, this hairstyle trend is not going anywhere this year. What’s so cool about this effortless chic hairstyle is how simple it looks yet, so easy to style aaand it can be done with just about any hair length, too!

I sliced up the look and styled my hair a bit differently today. If you look at the picture below I actually styled my hair in a half-top knot hairstyle then pulled up the rest of my hair in a 1960’s Brigitte Bardot inspired bouffant.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to do a top knot hairstyle with a bouffant.

What you need: a brush, an elastic hair band, a few bobby pins, teasing comb and a hairspray.

Step 1: Take a section of hair above your forehead and hold it up. Then tease your hair at the roots, but about the width of two fingers up from the roots. Remember, the bigger the better because you can always take some of the tease out, but it’s not easy to add more later on.
Step 2: Tie the section of the top teased hair around the base with a rubber band and continue to tease the ponytail a bit more.
Step 3: Swirl the ponytail into a bun and anchor the base of it throughout the bun with bobby pins.
Step 4: Gently gather the rest of your hair into a bouffant or mid-low bun and secure it with bobby pins. I suggest you use the same color bobby pins as your hair color to disguise them.
Step 5: Take a few strands at the hairline out, to complete the look. Don’t forget to use a hairspray.

Remember, next time you are running late to work or a date just follow the steps mentioned above for your top-knot hairstyle. Or if you simply don’t have time to either curl or straighten your hair just go with the top-knot look.

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