Celebrity Fashion Stylist’s Tips and Tricks – Earrings.

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Celebrity Fashion Stylist’s Tips and Tricks – Earrings.

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Let’s talk about earrings! Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification. It’s been used around the world dating back to early history. Did you know that earrings became fashionable among courtiers and gentlemen in the 1590s during the English Renaissance? ?

As a celebrity fashion stylist for some of the premiere Hollywood red carpet events I’ll admit that earrings worn by celebrities are one of the best accessories paired with their extravagant gowns. It’s the best time for Hollywood Diva’s to be able to show off their beauty and style and honestly, no outfit is complete without a pair of dazzling earrings.

“Accessories really are a girl’s best friend.” ~ Marina BerBeryan

The top three most expensive earrings worn by celebrities include Lady Gaga who reportedly wore an $8 million earrings at the Oscars; Sofia Vergara, wowed the audience at the 2013 Emmy’s with her 21-carat ruby, sapphire and Colombian emerald earrings; Jennifer Lopez stole the thunder at the 2011 Golden Globe wearing 7 carat diamond cluster earrings.

However, celebrities who are constantly followed by the public eye or media always have to maintain a certain image and to make sure their wardrobe or even accessories don’t malfunction. That applies to earrings as well! Additionally, when wearing long and/or heavy earrings every so often causes not only soar ear lobes but it also stretches out the lobe’s hole with a possibility of tearing it.

In order to protect the ear lobe and to avoid any ear lobe tearing accidents I recommend my clients to use The Swan Lobe.  Honestly, I have been using it for a while now and I love the results. It’s the perfect item to have handy.

Below is a picture of me on the red carpet at a Halloween party wearing long and heavy chandelier earrings.

and here’s few more…

So, here’s what you need to know about The Swan Lobe;

  • It protects the earlobe from stretching by heavy pierced earrings.
  • The small oval lobe disk sticks easily and securely to the back of the lobe is invisible.
  • It is comfortable to have it on like there’s nothing behind your ear and its doesn’t itch or anything.
  • It asily holds even natural stone earrings that are known to be heavy.
  • It stays in place all day and even the following day.
  • Lastly, it’s inexpensive.

Do you have any accessories tips and tricks that you use? I would so love to hear all about them! Please share below in the comment area.

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