How To Dress For a Meeting ?

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How To Dress For a Meeting ?

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Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. – Coco Chanel

Have you ever wondered how Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, or Reese Whiterspoon look incredibly amazing yet conservative and sophisticated during their meetings?

Well, celebrities carefully-thought create their style and appearance in order to maintain their public image. Some celebrities don’t work with fashion stylists but nowadays, most do.

Trying to re-create a celebrity inspired business meeting attire is really simple with few of my fashion tips and tricks.After doing what I do for over a decade, styling celebrities, corporate or high-level executive clients, I have learned that there are different ways to dress for a meeting. Think about it, there’s the boss meeting, there’s the client meeting, there’s a collage counselor meeting, a business tête-à-têtes meeting and etc…Regardless the kind of meeting you’ll be attending just remember, the goal is to dress appropriately and make an impressive impression.

Here’s how you can dress for different meetings and look like a celebrity.

  1. Going to a job interview meeting and confused about what to wear? Well first of all, think confident. Dress yourself head to toe with “confidence”.
  2.  About to have an office meeting and can’t decide what to wear? A wrap dress is one of my favorite meeting attire. No matter how much you work out, slipping on a shape wear under a wrap dress results in outlining your curves. If you are concerned with a deep v neck or larger bust then take Diane von Furstenberg’s advice, do wear a bodysuit underneath your wrap dress.
  3. Having a meeting with your boss? Wear a nice pantsuit, or a skirt and a jacket combination. Opt for conservative colors that blend into your environment, like grey, beige, brown, black, and navy. Make sure the skirt is the right length not too long or too short. I usually recommend no higher than 3 inches above your knees.
  4. Planning a meeting with a client and not sure what to wear? A plain black pencil skirt with a pink blouse and accessorized with a strand of pearls are always glam and sophisticated. Blouses should be dry-cleaned and wrinkle free. The first impressions are important although, arguably by some it’s not always accurate.
  5. Meeting your significant other’s parents? I think the proper attire would be a dress or a blouse with pair of pants or a skirt. As long as it’s not jeans. In my opinion, proper outfit shows respect to the parents.
  6. Not sure what to wear to a meeting with a college advisor? To make the best impression, keep your look simple and casual. A knee length skirt or dress slacks with a simple blouse creates a positive impression.
  7. Meeting up with a potential business opportunity? I say, wear a pair of skinny jeans for a cool look and a white or plush pink collar shirt for a professional look with a black blazer over it. This is the perfect mix and match attire looking stylishly-casual yet professional at the same time. I usually prefer to wear black or nude pointy heels with this kind of outfit.
  8.  For a tête-à-têtes business meeting, just throw on a black blazer to offset the printed pants with underneath nude collar shirt and you’re instantly ready!

I love keeping my meeting outfits simple with an accent of glam and sophistication.


Last Friday, I had 4 different meeting to attend and making an impression through fashion is important because what you wear defines you! I love wearing long black slacks to meetings.

I picked a white top with black embedded lace and peep-toe heels. Lastly, I accessorized my meeting ensemble with black suitcase-esque Cartier handbag and golden mirrored sunglasses and voila!

Remember, you should feel like YOU. Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself!

Fashion Details:

Pants // Dior
Top // Non-brand
Shoes // Marc Fisher
Handbag // Cartier
Belt // Judith Leiber

What’s your favorite ensemble when your about to have an important meeting? Would love to read your comments below.

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