How To Get The Perfect White Manicure?

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How To Get The Perfect White Manicure? 

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White nails are sleek, minimal yet summerish and fun!

Recently I’ve been loving the white nail polish. It’s a perfect color for the short and long nails. The white nail polish trend has been spotted not only on the runways but red carpets as well.

It’s one of this season’s biggest nail color trends. White manicure looks good on everyone furthermore, it pretty much matches with everything in your closet. I especially love white nail polish with white boho summer dresses, skirts, shorts and my favorite, jeans.

To avoid the white-out look on your nails there are few tips I’d like to share in order to obtain clean, fresh, and sophisticated nails.

  1. Shape: White nail polish is a statement maker therefore, I suggest you consider the length of your nails first. Short and round nail shape with white manicure is great for casual glam look. And if you are going for a modern-edgy look, opt for a long and almond shape nails.
  2. File: With the white nail polish it’s easier to spot mess-ups whether the nail is chipped or unevenly filed. So, make sure it’s filed evenly.
  3. Base coat. Apply base coat not only to prevent stains but also to avoid the white manicure streaks. Besides, the base coat also helps the nail polish to adhere to your nails strongly and fills in ridges.
  4. Keep it clean. Make sure the edges of your nails are clean and crisp and of course stay inside the lines as you polish. When I do my own nails at home, I usually use a Q-tip with a thin coat of Vaseline over it then I apply it on my cuticles right before I do my nails. This trick helps with the neatness when the manicure easily slides off the ended mess-up areas.
  5. Layer: Another trick that I would like to share with you is, after a thin layer of white manicure is applied stop for a minute and let it dry. Then apply a thin layer of top coat to even out the first layer of previously applied manicure. After drying try the second coat of white manicure. It might take more than two coats to get to the opacity you want.
  6. Final top coat: Seal of the final layer with a super glossy, high-performance top coat.
  7. Nail art (optional) or any other accents. If you want to spice up your nail look add your favor nail art or a glitter accent.
  8. (Extra Tip) A white nail polish is also great to use as under base coat. It enhances the color you apply over it. For instance, if you try it under an orange or pink shade the results are just so incredible!

This week I opted for nail-gel manicure. Usually, when it comes to white nails I like to go with the nail-gel for a longer-lasting wear. I love the shiny white-bold look. Furthermore, I kindly asked the nail technician to add “Love” phrase accent to  my ring fingers and voila!

Please let me know when you try some of my nail polish tips and tricks in the comments below. Would like to hear back from you! ?

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