How To Update Your Wardrobe or Accesorize Your Hair With Bows For Spring and Summer 2016?

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How To Update Your Wardrobe
Accessorize Your Hair With Bows For Spring and Summer 2016?

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From Chanel’s ladylike ribbons to Gucci’s trompe l’oeil trailing ribbons, bows dominate the Spring/ Summer 2016 runway shows during fashion week.

The bow trend has also been spotted on the hair. Celebrities channeling this instyle hair accessory trend include Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow and Karlie Kloss to name a few.

Bows are versatile, they can add sweetness to your hairstyle and elegance to your wardrobe. It also adds a touch of femininity to any look from red carpet to street style. No, I’m not saying that the gigantic bows from the ’80’s are back. The bows that I’m talking about are a bit toned down and more petite.

Here are some of my tips on “How To Incorporate Bows Into Your Wardrobe For Spring and Summer 2016 ?”

  • Bows on a purse look chic.
  • Love seeing bows either on the front of the shoes or on the back of the heels.
  • Bow bracelets are always super cute!
  • Either on the back of a dress around the waist line area or on the front of a t-shirt bows look feminine.
  • Love seeing a cute bow on a t-shirt or a collard shirt like the pussy-bow shirt. It’s been the hottest trend since 2015.

Bows can also be accessorized in your hair. Here are two of my favorite hairstyles with bows. Not only it’s girly but looks lovely as well. “How To Incorporate Bows Into Your Hairstyle For Spring and Summer 2016?”

  • Tie a messy top knot bun and clip the small bow- hair accessory underneath the bun for a ballerina-chic result.
  • Another favorite hairstyle with the bow is the side braid. Do a side braid and clip the bow accessory on the bottom of your braid and voila!

Certainly, I did not outgrow the bow trend and I’m here to tell you that bows are here to stay throughout this summer.

I wore a plain black shirt with a bow that ties in the back which instantly adds a feminine touch to my casual street style. To complement the shirt I paired my favorite accessory (can you guess?) …. It’s my favorite wide-brimmed grey hat.

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