How To Work With Instagram’s New Algorithm?

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How To Work With Instagram’s New Algorithm? | i Heart Marina

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced a new algorithm, the same technology that Facebook uses to order the posts you see within your news feed.


It’s been the talk of the town, internet I should say, and no one’s liking it. As a matter of fact, some of the Instagram users got so angry that they even started a petition. 

How will this Instagram change affect us, the bloggers/ influencers? Will we lose our audience and online value?

Well, I love researching and surfing the net. Google has been my BFF for quite some time now. After reading several published articles it looks like one thing is for sure is that no one knows yet how this algorithm will work or if the influencers or bloggers will see a massive drop in reach. 

As a result, I’ve seen many bloggers/influencer (including myself) asking their followers to “turn on notifications,”. In other words, asking their followers to sign up to receive an alert every time the blogger / influencer posts a photo or video on Instagram.

As an online personality and a fashion/ lifestyle / beauty blogger Instagram along with other social sites has made it easy and fun for me connecting with family, friends and followers. Instagram is one of my favorite platforms to use when connecting with you all. Not only I get to share fun and interesting posts which most of you like but I also get to follow you and see some of your photos pop up in my feed whether it’s funny or cute. I love learning more about you and your experiences. Overall, I love staying connected with you guys!

But anyway, here’s what Instagram has to say about this.

This is not being implemented tomorrow,” a spokesperson wrote in a statement provided to Re/code. “We still have weeks, or even months, of testing to go. Currently the test groups are very small. When we roll it out broadly, we will definitely let the community know.”

As you know, the online world is constantly evolving and at times it gets challenging to keep up with the change. However, for this particular Instagram Algorithm change, if you follow me on Instagram, I hope you’ll turn on your “post notifications” since the new change will take effect shortly. And if you do decide to “Turn On Notifications”, you can continue seeing my posts and we can  stay connected. Not only because you enjoy following me but because we’re an IG family. ?


Here are some of my tips on “How To Work With Instagram’s New Algorythm?” 

1.Create Awesome Content

Aesthetically pleasing and highly relevant content has always been a key to a successful social media post.

2. Engage Your Followers

The more people engage with your content through likes, comments or hashtags the more likely your post will show up at the top of their feed. 

3. Create Your Hashtag Community

So, to prevent your posts from being buried under dozens of other posts (or what’s even worse, not being seen at all ?), you need to have relationships with as many of your followers as possible by creating hashtags that followers are encouraged to use when posting their own photos.

4. Have A Social Media Plan

Create a social media plan for your posts to win the eyes and/ or hearts of your target audience in order for the new Algorythm to work.

I hope this article was somewhat helpful. If you do have your two cents on Instagram’s Algorithm please share  by posting your thoughts or comments below.
Hugs and kisses,
Marina ❤️

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