Isabella’s 10th Birthday Spa -Themed Party.

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Isabella’s 10th Birthday Spa -Themed Party.

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This year Isabella’s birthday happens to be during Spring break. I asked her what is it that she wants to do for her special day. I mean, whether she wanted a Hollywood Red Carpet theme party with her classmates, or a pool party and etc?? I really wanted her birthday party to be super special this year just because she is turning double digits for the first time — a big one zero!

Her answer was,

Mom, I don’t want to have a big fancy birthday party with lots of people. I just want to spend my afternoon at a spa with two of my best friends, my sister and brother and spend the evening at my grandparents house, a small party with Armenian BBQ.

I was not expecting such sweet answer from her. Since Isabella loves over the top birthday party’s and lots of people because she is my social butterfly. But I guess as we get older we tend to change. I love it how she chose something small and intimate over a big fancy-shmancy birthday party.

And so, we drove to Los Angeles, California to celebrate Isabella’s 10th Birthday with her friends and family and celebrate our Easter { Armenian and Ukrainian} with our parents.

I discovered this new place and must share it with you if you’re in LA. It’s called “Nail Garden Salon”. It’s a clean salon with excellent customer service and a wide selection of nail colors to choose from. Perfect place to have a spa birthday party!


Isabella’s friends arrived Around 1:00PM on Saturday. My mother and grandmother joined our party as well. Each guest was served strawberry frappucciono from next door Starbucks then they were treated with manicure and pedicure including their moms. My eight-year old son John, also attended Isabella’s birthday party. He was the only boy there. I didn’t really wanted to leave him behind or for him to miss his sitters birthday party just because it was pink and girly. He did not get a mani pedi but he sure did have fun. The kids are fruits and cupcakes, chatted, got silly, ran around a bit prior to getting their nails done. John played on his Minecraft as he waited for the girls to finish with their manis and pedis.

Girls chose their favorite nail polish color pinks and blues. The technician added white polka dots on their fingers and on their ring finger they had a cup cake nail art which I found it on Instagram from @DianasPolish.




After the spa we went over to have lunch at a nearby Italian pizza. Kids had a blast. Check out some of the photos from Isabella’s 10th Spa-Birthday-Party.

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