Things I Want My Daughter to Know Before She Turns 10

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Things I Want My Daughter to Know Before She Turns 10

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Happy Birthday dear Isabella! Today you turn double digits –The Terrific Ten! For the first time you turn two numbers instead of one and I just can’t believe how quickly 10 years has passed.

I remember the first time I met my you in the hospital. You were so beautiful, you skin was so white with big brown eyes and platinum curly hair and eyebrows. Watching you grow up is a blessing and I am so grateful for it every single day.

I am so proud of you beyond measures.
I love you always and forever even when you break my favorite vase, or disobey, or roll your eyes or even talk back to me. I love you enough to teach you, encourage you, discipline you and guide you. I had no idea how much joy and happiness being a mother of such wild, intelligent and warm-hearted girl would bring me.

This year you made me so proud and proved me wrong by taking the most difficult challenge of all at the school. I am so very much proud of you and admire your persistence, motivation and never taking “No” for an answer!!! Please don’t ever stop and always remember to keep going.

I adore your energy and enthusiasm for life. You sure do know how to be unique! You’ve got your own sense of style in fashion and you look at life from a different perspective. I love your “Outside of the box” thinking

So on your tenth birthday, I have ten things that I’d like to share with you and would love it if you can remember them because I dug them deep out of my heart and want you to bury them deep in yours. {Katrina, I hope you are reading this as well because it sure does apply to you too. You may not be 10 but you are only a year and a half older.}

  1. Some girls are just mean girls! Pleas be extremely careful when choosing a friend sadly to say, girls can be cruel, nasty and petty and jealous. Some of them will put you down so they can look better in front of others, lie to you, pretend to be your friend and in the end stab you in the back and that will hurt! If you’re totally unprepared for it, it will crush you even more therefore, please be prepared and watch out! If you ever happpen to get hurt, never put down your guards. Shield yourself by staying strong and do not break down. Always remember your forever best friend is your sister Katrina and brother John!They will never let you hangin and always ready to help you and protect you.
  2. Don’t let people’s judgment of the choices you make affect you in anyway.(because people will judge you no matter what you do in life). You should know  this by now because you were recently judged in you class for liking a bunny, you favorite stuffed animal. Don’t let them get to you! You like a bunny then you be proud of it and don’t throw her away just because your friends or classmates don’t like it. Or the time when you attended your new school and the kids found out you spoke three different languages they looked at you differently in a negative way and treated you as an outcast. Unfortunately, those kids are too young to understand that knowing three different languages is a pure talent and that is something you should be proud of and not ashamed! It’s a catch-22, Bellochka: I’ve taught you not to let other people’s opinion about you bother you or affect you in anyway. You do what you like and be proud of it as long as you don’t hurt your sister and/or your brother along the way.
  3. Love yourself! Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. It’s impossible to please everyone in this world. The only person who absolutely must like you is you, yes you! (ok, I’ll say this again,your brother and sister). As long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and see your self as a strong, powerful, and intelligent gal you don’t need anyone’s approval. You make the decision gor yourself and no one else. However, suggestions from loved ones should be appreciated.
  4. There’s always an solution to any problem, one way or another. Don’t freak out if something bad happens in your life or doesn’t work out in your favor because it’s not the end of the world. Think, will this matter be solved in five minutes, for a few days, or even years? If it’s something minor either ignore it or let it go however, if you feel it’s a major problem then figure out how to fix it and don’t panic! It will take you a while to develop full-fledged perspective but you can do it!
  5. Don’t ever compare yourself to others. I’ll be honest with you, there is always better, someone prettier, popular, talented, or richer. Just because they are does not mean their life is better or happier, don’t assume or judge. Mark my words, because this is what my father has always told me “Life is not a competition, it’s a journey. As long as you are happy and do what makes you happy that’s all that matters”.
  6. Being smart is super cool!  The smartest kids in your school {college prep school} are the most popular kids and that’s cool! Please always choose to use your brain before making any imperative decisions. For instance, you have always wanted to be a veterinarian ever since preschool and just because a friend thinks that modeling is a better career than veterinarian, it doesn’t mean you should model. No way! You do what you like! You set your own goals and you work for and while you’re at it don’t let anyone interrupt you from reaching you goals or tell you how to live your life or what to do with it. I promise you, once your friends see how successful you are the cooler you will be.
  7. Stand up for yourself or speak up. You’ve got an opinion or if you are not being treated fairly or you see something happening to either you or a loved one including your sister and brother I expect you to stand up for yourself or them. It’s your right and your obligation to open your mouth and protect yourself. Do not care if you annoy some people when you do because there are people who may be impressed. Either way, you do what you gotta do! The more you stand your ground, the sooner it will become second nature to you.
  8. My number one golden rule to follow is to always love and respect your sister, Katrina and brother, John and to never forget where you came from, your family and who you are!      
  9. You probably will be mad at me some days but always remember, your father, sister, brother and I love you very dearly. There will be moments you feel like you detest me. Although, I never felt that way towards my mother but you might because developing such feelings is part of growing up. Remember you have me, daddy, Katrina, John and your grandparents to turn for help. We are here for you. Always remember you are the light in my life and I love you and your siblings more than life itself… always and forever!

Happy Birthday to you, my one and only Pitachok and Belkin-Strelkin!



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