How To Wear A Crop Top in 2016?

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How To Wear A Crop Top in 2016?

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I have always been obsessed with the color hot pink! Not sure if part of me is still a little girl who loves pink and Barbies and does not want to grow up or it’s just one of my favorite signature shades. I still love dolls at this age and I have an entire collection of vintage dolls and my husband thinks I’m crazy ! LOL

And so, I found this gorgeous crop top and I couldn’t wait to wear! Not only do I love pink but the top is also accessorized with buttons on the side of the sleeves. I usually don’t wear tank tops under the crop tops but I was cold that day and so I did. I went for the 90s-inspired look which turned out to be a perfect styling trick and felt like a fashion forward interpretation of a trend.


As for my street style, I paired my new short -sleeve crop-sweater with a pair of ripped skinny jeans, because I love to wear jeans! (I probably have 30 pairs of jeans in my closet and I know most of you would prefer to wear jeans over any other pants, just like me). I accessorized my ensemble with a pair of hot pink heels and a gold Escada necklace. Not only it’s a perfect casual ensemble but it’s perfect for Spring as well!
If you are into crop tops and are totally digging this trend as much as Taylor Swift is read below some of the new ways to pair this look.

  1. Spring 2016 layering trend includes a flirty crop top, a denim button-down shirt and a black blazer and you probably don’t have to go shopping for it because most likely you already have it in your closet. Back to the styling, wear the crop top first with the denim shirt over it and fasten only one button on the denim shirt for a fresh look. Then wear your blazer over it without fastening the buttons. This casual outfit can be finalized by rolling up your blazer’s sleeves and voila!
  2. For those gals who do not have the abs of Jennifer Lopez or the self-confidence of Kim Kardashian, you might balk at the idea of wearing a crop top. For an approachable look, I suggest you pair a high-waisted skirt or pants with the crop top covering your belly button area so the window of visible stomach is small. And if you do feel like the sliver of skin still feels like too much then just add a blazer on top of it. For those of you who feel uncomfortable baring any part of their midsection or it’s just too cold to wear a crop top as I was in the photos show below, layer a thank top underneath the crop top. It’s the perfect styling tip and a cool 90’s trend!




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