How To Wear A Monochromatic Look ?

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How To Wear A Monochromatic Look?

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Make a bold statement with your monochromatic outfit!


#FashionConfessions: Making a bold statement today with my #OOTD on ➕ #HOWto style your monochromatic look? What I love the most about the mono look is that it’s original, timeless and elegant. More photos on the #blog! See link in profile ?￰゚マᄏ {Fashion Details} Hat | #abercrombie Sunglasses | Christian #Dior Sweater | #AmericanEagleOutfitters Pants | #Kensie Girl Boots | #Casadei #MarinaBerBeryan #marinagram #instamarina #iheartmarina #fashion #style #look #lookbook #streetstyle #ootn #lotd #lotn #motd #wiw #me #instafashion

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For the past year or so I’ve enjoyed seeing monochromatic looks! The one hue tone has been popping up in full force everywhere I look, on the runway, the red carpet and on the streets. Additionaly, Spring/ Summer 2016 Collections from New York Fashion Week was all about monochroms!

For my upcoming fashionistas who don’t know what monochromatic outfit is, it’s basically, wearing the same color separate wardrobe pieces in one ensemble. Yes, one color from head to toe!

What I like the most about the monochromatic look is that it’s original, timeless and elegant.

Here are some of my fashion tips on “How to Style Your Monochromatic Outfit”.

  • When styling a monochromatic outfit try to create a look that is visually appealing.
  • Make sure the outfit is cohesively working together to create the look you’re opting for.
  • Consider the material and the fabric when styling monochromatic look to avoid outfit confusion or clash of the wardrobe pieces.
  • Offsett your look by pairing it with an accessory to Ann an unexpected final touches.
  • Today the hottest hues for monochromatic look are nude monotones. So opt for creating a look around neutral shades.
  • If you are not into nudes in that case try bold or bright colors. It’s always fun playing with bold colors.
  • Print monochromes are fashion blogger’s favorite. You can pull off print with an outwear, shoes, a garment, or even an accessory once you’ve mastered how to either create a balance with your look.
  • Try wearing one hue head to toe this season from light greys, blush links, to light brown.

No matter your shape or style, monochromatic always looks fabulous, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Here’s how I styled my monochrome #ootd. I chose a darker hue not only because it’s a winter season but also I’ve tried creating a slimmer and polished look. Browns, navy blues, charcoal grey, and of course black are the best colors to go with if trying to look taller and slimmer.

Fashion Details:

Hat | Abercrombie and Fitch
Sunglasses | Christian Dior
Sweater | American Eagle
Pants | Kensie Girl
Boots | Casadei

Here’s a close up of my smokey eye make up. The cosmetic products I used to obtain this look are:

Day moisturizer with sunscreen |Shiseido Foundation | Make Up For Ever
Air Flash spray | Dior
Eyebrows | Brows by Shaila
Blush | Nars
Skinfinish | Mac
Mascara |I use two, Dior and L’ancome
Lip color |Rose Rose Forever 21

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