The New Way Everyone Is Wearing Their Scarf in 2016

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The New Way Everyone Is Wearing Their Scarf in 2016.


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Did you know “How to wear a scarf?” is the most Googled question?
There are many ways to wear a scarf however, ‘the unwrapped’ scarf is the new way to wear it in 2016. So effortless yet so chic!

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories throughout the year. Not only scarves are versatile and fun but their super cozy to cuddle during the winter season.

Here are four of my favorite ways to style “the unwrapped” scarf.

  • Wrap around your neck once and let it loose but make sure both ends are on the same level.
  • Wrap the scarf around your neck and let it loose with one side longer than the other for an asymmetrical look.
  • Fasten your scarf with a cross-body bag with the scarf ends hanging loose.
  • Drape scarf evenly around neck and let ends fall in front. Add a thin belt to keep the scarf in place highlighting your waistline.

Here’s how I styled “The Unwrapped” 2016 scarf trend.

Fashion Details

Top // Forever 21
Denim Jeans // Forever 21
Scarf // Forever 21
Long leather earrings // H&M
Sunglasses // non- brand
Shoes // Tory Burch
Handbag // Gucci

Additionally, I’d like to thank Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas for awarding my children and I with “Rock Rink” social media contest tickets.

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