Happy Birthday To Me – Surpise, Surpise and More Surprise!

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Happy Birthday To Me – Surpise, Surpise and More Surprise! 

Thank you to my family, friends, subscriber and everyone else from all over the world for the birthday love and everyone who made it so special! Your warm wishes, messages and gifts are greatly appreciated. I’m feeling overwhelmed with love and utmost gratitude.

Yesterday not only I got to celebrate the first day of Fall but my 35th birthday as well. Birthdays are super special to me because they remind me that if I had not been born, I would not know this beautiful world we live in.


Mom, this is your day too! Thank you for your selfless LOVE and giving me a LIFE to live. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today and have not know about this amazing world. I am forever greatfull to you and daddy. Love you both always and forever!


The first birthday surprise was from my father. I woke up at 5:45 AM and saw my dad standing in front of my door holding a beautiful bouquet of white roses with a big smile on his face. Thank you Daddy for taking your time to make my birthday extra special. You are amazing!


Another very special surprise was when my 11-year-old daughter, Katrina, called grandpa, my father, the day before my birthday and asked him to buy a bouquet of yellow roses for me from all three of my children –Katrina, Isabella and John. That was just priceless! It was so thoughtful of Katrina!

My last surprise was from my husband, Mr Magz. My parents and their friends had a a little birthday party for me in the evening. And so, my children and I went there after they finished their homeworks. Because it’s a weekday and my kids have school the next day I figured I’ll just go and stay for an hour or two. Mr Magz was out of town on a business trip and so I didn’t really expect to see him there. So, when I got to my parents house, I parked the car and it was to my surprise to see my husband standing in front of my parents house. I was in disbelief because I wasn’t really expecting to see him there.

The best part was when he asked me to go to his car to grab his laptop bag. It was then when I opened his car door and saw three different bouquets of beautiful flowers, a birthday cake aaaaand ( ready to read this? ) an enormous Chanel gift bag, O-M-G! My mouth literally dropped and I almost fainted! I just stood there for a moment and was trying to process that particular moment and thinking to myself. “Is that a Chanel gift bag I’m looking at? Is this really a gift for me?  Neah… I must be dreaming!”

LOL… Nope, it was not a dream. It was my birthday surprise from my husband. What a surprise I tell ya!! Anyway back to the story, I did not open the present immediately. It was after dinner when I opened all the gifts including Mr Magz’s. I was dying to find out what it was. The suspense was killing me. Thinking to my self again “Is it a handbag or jewelry? Am I going to like it? Oh my… What if I don’t like it? But it’s Chanel how can I not like it?”

Ok, ok, I’ll get to the point. It was a large size Chanel Chevron classic flip handbag from Chanel Spring / Summer 2015 Collection in red, color of love ❤️ along with Chanel day cream and the original Chanel perfume bottle.

I’ll admit, I feel like I’m a big kid who just got a favorite toy for Christmas! Although, I’m not a kid and it is not Christmas but instead, it’s mahhhh Birthdaiiii!!!

I do not own a red Chanel handbag. And why this present is so special to me is because it’s from the love of my life! He made the effort to take the time from his work and go to the Chanel boutique to buy me a present that would make me beyond happy. He knew it’s something I have been wanting for a long time. On top of it all he canceled everything and drove back to LA to make it to my party. Isn’t that sweet? As you may not know, Mr Magz is super romantic from time to time but not always though! I guess it’s a guy thing.

Thank you my love! I can not wait to rock my new Chanel bag. I am so excited! Love you always and forever!

Special shout out to Lih Lin Paulson from Chanel at Encore Las Vegas for assisting my husband with the purchase. Thank you Lih Darling!!!

Did you ever have a special surprise moment in your life that you’ll never forget? Please share by commenting below. Would so love to hear from my dear subscribers!

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