How To Style Your Maxi Skirt and Look Like A Celebrity?

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How To Style Your Maxi Skirt and Look Like A Celebrity?

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Nothing like a maxi skirt that expresses feminism and grace of a woman! Maxi skirts have made a come back again this Spring, Summer and Fall 2015. It’s a wardrobe staple for most of us and the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, California.

The long skirts are versatile and easy to style. There are so many outfits you can create with just one skirt!

Here are 5 styling tips on how to wear a maxi skirt and look like a celebrity:

  1. Feeling sporty? Pair your maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt with a side knot and add a varsity jacket. Finalize the look with pair of converse sneakers
  2. Going on a romantic date? Wear your maki skirt with a sexy crop top, higher on the waist so you show very little skin. “Peek-a-boo I see you” kind of a deal!
  3. Running late to a meeting and clueless what to wear? Throw on your maxi skirt then layer it with a blazer over a tee for a formal fall look.
  4. Out and about and nothing to wear? Wear the maxi skirt with a button long-sleeve shirt. Cinch the waist with a thin belt to shape your ensemble.
  5. Lastly, one of my favorite fall looks includes this particular look, pairing a simple maxi skirt with a long sleeved shirt, scarf and a winter wide brimmed hat with short boots. Love this Fall look!

Sometimes, I love to keep things simple and so, I paired my floral-print lime vintage skirt (that I’ve had in my closet for quite some time and totally forgot about it) with a white lace-tank top. I cinched the waist by tying a side-bow to shape my street style. Lastly, I accessorized my OOTD with my vintage Chanel shades for classic European look.


{Fashion Details}
Top // Marshalls
Skirt // Vintage
Sunglasses // Chanel

Please let me know how you like my tips and what other fashion tips you’d like to see me cover. Post your comments below this article and thank you for stopping by!

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