Cute and Comfortable Jessie Steele Pajama Set

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I love, love wearing cute and comfortable pajama sets. During the summer I tend to sleep in only cotton pjs and during the winter seasonI love feeling super cozy and nostalgia in flannel pajamas.

There’s something so nice about curling up in your favorite PJs at night to read a book, watch TV or serf the Internet on the phone. And when I have no meetings to attend in the morning, I love to lounge in my super-cute PJs while I drink my Starbucks coffee and check my Facebook and Instagram status before I start my hectic day.

 Here’s one of my favorite pajama sets that I wore this morning from Jessie Steele Pajamas by Elaine Venezuela

This romantic, playful and girly design reminds me of the 1940’s era with the vintage-inspired French poodles print and apron like top.  It’s comfortable, chic and utterly cute!

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