How To Style A Bohemian Look?

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How To Style A Bohemian Look? 

Today’s look I translated to Boho Hollywood Casual Chic reviving my inner “1970’s Haute Hippie Meets 2015 LA Chic!” I love sharing my individual style on this blog and inspire my fellow-fashionistas and I get even more happy when I read all the wonderful comments left below each article!

What I love about the bohemian fashion is that this trend is all about free spirited hipster and original youthful outfits. I love seeing many bloggers, celebrities and all the fashion influencers bringing back the vintage styles to a modern era.

A short history about the boho trend which dates back 200 years. The Bohemian style has been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashions of a given period which was associated with writers, artists, and intellectuals of bohemian culture incorporating various ethic clothing styles and historical costumes. Bohemian style is unique and stand outs in a crowd representing a colorful counterculture based on perry, creativity, poverty and traditions.

The Bohemians, as a counterculture, appeared in France after the French Revolution. Majority of them lived a cheaply nomadic life style and wore used, worn out and unfashionable clothes. Later in time people compared the Bohemians to wandering Gypsies and believed that Gypsies originated in Bohemia, an area of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. So, they came to refer to artists and intellectuals as Bohemians.

The Bohemian style is now referred to  a hippie culture of the 1960’s era. For 200 years, bohemian style has consisted of several fashion elements including loose and flowing clothing made of natural fabrics, loose and flowing hair, colorful scarves worn on the head, peasant style clothing including tunics, loose trousers, with sandals and for accessories broad brimmed hats with several bangle bracelets and large earrings.


Now, that you know more about the bohemian style let’s go back to my street style. I picked an urban inspired navy draped tunic with beige classic embroidery in the front. Paired this look with flare beige capris. As for the shoes, I kept it relaxed by adding Gucci flip-flops due to running errands all day. I mainly played with two colors –navy and beige and for a pop of color I accessorized my hair with a pale-pink floral head band. The highlight of this look was definitely my cat-eye white Fendi sunglasses which is the latest Hollywood craze!


{Fashion Detail}

Top// Xhilaration for Target
Pants // BCBG
Sunglasses // Fendi
Shoes // Gucci
Headband // Rite Aid.

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