How To Dress For A Cruise

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How To Dress For A Cruise?

Cruise-ship voyages are all different and offer diverse on-board activities including poolside lounging, shows, dining and off-boat activities including island entertainment such as snorkeling in swimming coves, scuba-diving through coral reefs, golfing on award-winning courses and sailing on crystal-clear seas. Find out if each activity and pack appropriately. Consider the weather conditions at your cruise-ship destination whether it’s Alaska or the Bahamas.
I recently went on a Desert Princess Cruise on Lake Mead and it was one day afternoon cruise and so, for my outfit option I chose to wear a floral- print long summer dress. Too bad I forgot my Chanel scarf back in Los Angeles to wrap it over my head. It was an extremely hot afternoon with 117 degrees in temperature –Thank God the for the indoor-air conditioning!

For my cruise look I channeled my inner Sophia Loren look which is more of a classic European style rather than casual American. If I were to go with the casual American style, in that case I would have worn short shorts, a tank top and my aviator sunglasses. This also would have been an ideal way to get a fast tan while up on the deck admiring the spectacular view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.
Back to my #OOTD, because it was so hot I did not bother to wear any jewelry to avoid being uncomfortable. Although, I did rock my oversized Emilio Pucci shades.
As for make up, I just applied SPF 45+ sunscreen on my face, two coats of mascara with light dark eyeshadow, lipstick and voila! See pictures below.





Read all about my cruise, see link below…

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