Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer in Los Angeles, CA.

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Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer in Los Angeles, CA.  
Summer is here, which means kids are home from school for the next 2-3 months! As parents, we want our kids to keep learning, exploring, and of course, have fun during the summer. If you’re looking for summer activities for kids (especially if you don’t plan to enroll your kids in summer camp), then check out this list full of ideas for keeping kids busy this summer!


Here’s a list that I came up with of fun summer activities to do with kids. Please share your own ideas in the comments section.  

Thing to do at home:
-Read books afternoon 

-Ride bikes and scooters

-Go swimming in the pool of don’t have one there’s always a community pool.

-Have a picnic

-Make homemade popsicles

-Plant wildflowers

– Visit our loved ones that are in heave now.

-Play soccer, frisbee, baseball or catch

-Run through the sprinklers

-Play with Play-Doh

-Paint a picture

-Do some yard work together with fun music and easy goals

-Clean out the closet {Out with the old and in with the new}

– after closet -clean out, do a good deed and donate some of their small clothes to the local charities

-Make treats and deliver them to the local police station or fire department

-30-45 minutes of i-Pad time

-Chores – kids need some structure and responsibility during the day.

-have a water balloon fight

-teach them to make a lemonade

-DIY projects

Places to visit:




-3D movie is always a good idea


-Visit the local farmer’s market

-Attend a storytime at the library

-play dates are fun

-Sign up summer reading programs




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