Celebrating The Official First Day of Summer

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February 21st is a Father’s Day, it’s also The Official First Day of Summer. The solstice marks the first day of summer which has been celebrated for its symbolic importance since ancient times. In England, pagans and travelers visit Stonehenge to watch the sun rise among the stones. In Sweden, the solstice is tied to the celebration of Midsummer and in Las Vegas, Nevada, we visit Wet ‘n’ Wild where kids have fun in the sun and water!


It’s a super fund of a day! The children and I have always wanted to visit this 3 year-old water park Located in the Summerlin neighborhood and I must admit it was so much fun!  Dave, the manager of the park was incredible with his customer service skills. He walked us to the rides and assisted us with the photo-bracelets where photos from the rides are stored. The fast-lane pass was cool too. It actually allows kids to cut the line and reduces the waiting time this way my children didn’t have to wait in a long line under the 110 degree sizzling sun. Dave also had his employees walk my children up the towers for the rides and explain how each water ride works and what to expect.


What I like most about the park is that it’s small, clean, safe and has the coolest water rides including the Tornado, Rattle, Royal Flash Extreme, Hoover Half Pipe, Zipp Zamm Zoom and more!



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