My Oldest Daughter, Katrina Magzanyan Graduates The 5th Grade with Honors.

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My Oldest Daughter, Katrina Magzanyan, Graduates The 5th Grade with Honors.

I just can’t believe how fast the years have gone by. It feels like it was a few weeks ago that Katrina was a little girl in her cute checkered jumper uniform with two braids heading off to preschool. My parent warned me about how fast the years would fly by when Katrina just started walking and I found that to be so true!

The night before the graduation Katrina seemed nervous about what’s ahead and began to talk to me about life, school, friendship and what’s important to her right now. She’s excited to graduate the 5th grade with outstanding scholastic achievements, Principal’s Honors Roll Diploma, ready to say good by to her elementary years in school and attend California State University of Northridge during her summer vacation and enjoy the rest of her summer time with her family. Katrina is excited what’s ahead and so am I!

As I listened carefully to her, I realized this is it. This is the moment when not-so-little girls anymore grow up and share those special moments with their mothers –that “Mommy and me talk”. I realized that these are the precious moments of absolute parental bliss and it just felt like a priceless gift. A reminder that for the little years we’re leaving behind that we have sweet years ahead –bittersweet! It’s an experience that I will treasure, and one that I am very honored to hold close to my heart.

I know it won’t always be easy, but I am so proud of who she is becoming and can’t wait to see what’s next. Life just goes by so fast when you have children!

We are very excited for Katya to start 6th grade. Each year for the past six years she has been finishing school with honors and daddy and I are so proud of her!

My special message to Katrina:

“The day I found out I was pregnant with you was the happiest and scariest day of my life! It’s a blessing for daddy and I to have you in our lives! I want you to know that we love you very much Katyoosha. I am so proud to see the “big-girl” that you have become and being your mother. Chase your dreams sweetheart and never let anyone stop you from what you set your mind to. And always remember, daddy and I will always love you… To the moon and back!”

Katrina Magzanyan
Katrina Magzanyan, Class of 2015


Just the five of us! John, me, Katrina, Arman and Isabella Magzanyan

katrina-magzanyan-rose-and-alex-pilibos-i-heart-marina-mommywood-diaries-dr-dorian-principal-honors-list katrina-magzanyan-honors -student-5th-grade-graduation-rose-and-alex-pilibos-i-heart-marina-mommywood-diaries

Katrina Magzanyan recognized for her outstanding scholastic achievements, Principal’s Honor Roll Graduate as Dr. Alina Dorian, the school principal hands over Katrina’s diploma.


Katrina Magzanyan recognized for her outstanding scholastic achievements, Principal’s Honor Roll Graduate as Dr. Alina Dorian, the school principal hands over Katrina’s diploma.


young-california-scholar-katrina-magzanyan-principal-honors-list- honor-student-rose-and-alex-pilibos-student-i-heart-marina-mommywood-diaries
“Make the impossible POSSIBLE! Make it UNBELIEVABLE!” ~ Katrina’ Graduation Day Quote was read to the 5th grade graduating class by Ms. Angela, her homeroom teacher.


John, me, Katrina, Arman and Isabella Magzanyan


Grandpa John, little John, me, grandma Valentina, Katrina, Mr Magz, Isabella and great-grandmother Araxia.


Photobomb by Mr. Magz while Isabella, Katrina and I take a photo.


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