Grand Opening of Choupette Boutique

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Katrina, Isabella, John were invited to attend the Grand Opening of Choupette Boutique, a children’s store located in Glendale, CA.

Katrina, Isabella and John Magzanyan, Armenchik, & Marina BerBeryan


Katrina, Isabella and John Magzanyan


Katrina, Isabella and John Magzanyan
Marina BerBeryan, John, Isabella and Katrina Magzanyan and Lucine. Photo // Nikolay Photography

Marina BerBeryan
For the red carpet I opted for a casual and chic look. I paired my ripped denim capris with white gold sequence tank top and a white formal blazer. As for shoes, I opted for sneak skin heels.

{Fashion Details}
Sequence Top // Express
Blazer // H & M
Ripped Denim Capris // Express
Snake -Skinned Booties // Guess



Marina BerBeryan and Anahid Avanesian


Katrina Magzanyan
Katrina wore summer shorts with a white blouse and crystal studded lace-esque summer booties with her. She finalized her look with Prada sunglasses and Moschino Purse.

{ Fashion Details}
White Blouse // Gap
Shorts // Saks Fifth Avenue
Crystal-Studded Lace Booties // None-Brand
Purse // Navy Moschino
Sunglasses // Prada

Katrina Magzanyan


Katrina Magzanyan


Isabella Magzanyan
Isabella chose to wear a floral-print navy romper with a neon summer scarf for a pop of color. Isabella’s beige heels complemented her favorite Burberry purse.

{Fashion Details}
Floral Romper // H & M
Neon Scarf // Gap Kids
Shoes // DKNY
Purse // Burberry
Sunglasses // None – Brand

Isabella Magzanyan


Isabella Magzanyan


John Magzanyan
John is definitely a California Dude! He wore a palms-print navy shorts with anchor-print shirt. His staple shoes are his Converse. Recently he has been into shades. So I bought couple pair from H & M and he totally rocked one of them that day.

{Fashion Details}
Pants // H & M
Shirt // H & M
Shoes // Converse
Sunglasses // H & M

John Magzanyan


John Magzanyan



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