Wild, Wild West meets Hollywood Street Style!

29 x served & 8 x viewed

Now that the summer has kicked in, Cowboy hats and Panama hats are making a major come back!

Hollywood’s celebrities not only follow a rad trend but they also wear it either to protect their face from the sun or just hide their hair when having a bad hair day. Additionally, Cowboy hats and Panama hats are always major during Coachella season.

While traveling through the Mojave desert, I opted for gold flats, ripped high-waisted skinny jeans and sequences t-shirt along with my black mesh cowboy hat. I call it “Wild, Wild West Meets Hollywood Street Style!” See details below. 

Cowboy Hat // Steve Madden
Sequenced t-shirt // Express

Ripped Skinny Jeans // Express

Gold Flats // non-brand 


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